275: Mascot of Fakemon Brass Picture

The second member of the celestial trio. Spharaolar is more tame and specially oriented than Fensheenar.

275: Spharaolar (Sphinx + Pharaoh + Solar)
Law Fakemon
Height: 9'6"
Weight: 485 lbs
Ability: Solar Reign
Base Stats: 100 - 50 - 150 - 200 - 60 - 120
0- Confusion
5- Smack Down
10- Confide
15- Psybeam
20- Noble Roar
25- Rock Tomb
30- Extrasensory
35- Sunblast
40- Psychic
45- Ancient Power
50- Illuminati
55- Morning Sun
60- Hyper Voice
65- Power Gem
70- Future Sight
75- Stone Edge
80- Mindbreaker
85- Rock Wrecker
90- Hyper Beam
Some say that time Pokemon appears when the sun reaches the sky. It creates deserts through the earth it walks upon.
The very embodiment of the lawful side of humans. Spharaolar once brightened the world with an eternal light, causing other people to do its bidding.
Does not evolve
Based on a sphinx from egyptian mythology as well as the sun. It could be based on an ancient pharaoh.

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