Icarus Ref Sheet Picture

Real Name: Ian Carlos
Hero Name: Icarus
Age: 16
Birthday: 18th January
Nationality: British (Greek roots)
Languages: English, Latin
Ability: can grow any kind of feather at any part of his body, can create wings out of feathers to fly, can use his feathers as arrows
Likes: nature, Video Games, Comics, Sports (mainly archery), science (physics, chemistry and biology), building things
Dislikes: shoes, the sea, hot days, poultry, being constantly compared to the mythological Icarus
Strength: flying, archery, very agile because of the low weight of his hollow bird bones
Weakness: easily broken bones, has a phobia of flying over water (because of some nightmares referring to the myth of Daedalus and Icarus)
Bio: For his classmates, Ian always was just a freak with strange feet who sometimes was covered in feathers. But one day, when they talked about Icarus and Daedalus in class, someone mentioned that -except for the feet- Ian looked like the Icarus shown on the worksheet they got and since then he was always called Icarus and got comments like "Where are your wings, Icarus? Did they melt?" or "Don't fly too close to the sun, Icarus". Ian hated the story of Icarus because of that, but all this comments made him think if he may could use his feathers to make wings and fly like Icarus, so he tried it a few times. After training to control the growth of his feathers and studying what birds needed to fly, he finally did it, he was able to fly.

Ian is a member of my Teen Titans group the European Titans

Teen Titans belongs to DC
Ian belongs to me
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