Oz: A9ua Picture

User Id: A9ua ( pronounced as aqua )

Personality:He can be mischevious, sarcastic and even a bit of a jerk when his wife isn't around. He'll probably be analyzing yoour behavior most of the time. If he hates you he's not afraid of making it look like he's your friend then stabbing you in the back. With his wife he is usually happy and cheerful

Likes: Psychology, His family, people watching, carrot soup, cooking, movies, the word "interesting", omelettes, oz battles, astrology, mythology, hearing both sides of an argument, BBQ chips, black jack, poker, seeing the reactions of others, observations, sentai ( so power ranger stuff )

Dislikes: Boredom, party poopers, anyone who tried to harm his wife or his child, people who are too religious, close minded people, high pitch squeaking noises ( it makes him lose concentration ), people who hate their parents for no reason, people who use the phrases "worst day of my life" or "flies into the sun", repetitive tasks or people

- He works as a psychologist
- Had his friend program his avatar so he can fight using water that appears out of thin air ( it's like water bending! )
- He is the cousin of Kiru and Saki
- He may do or say something irrational to see how you react

-A picture of his wife ( Yuzuki ) and his very youngdaughter ( kai )
- Nunchucks

Name: Akihiko Takeda
Zone: Japan
Age: 21
Birthday: December 14th
Continue Reading: Sun