Wondering Picture

Rain started to fall from the heavens, crawling down the robots' armor. The two found a small cave where they took shelter from the rain and spend the rest of the night in. Centaurman lay down like a horse while his human body leaned ontop of a rock. He crossed his arms to lay his head on, but noticed Plant staring outside.

"The sun won't rise earlier if you look outside." He teased. Plant looked at his friend with a sad expression, but did not anwser and looked back outside. "You should rest." He replied.

Plant walked towards Centaur with his head looking down a bit, still holding on to the destroyed daisy flower he found. He then sat down with his back towards Centaurman staring at the flower.

"Centaur..." He said softly. "Why do people always look beyond of what I see?"

the robot hesitated for a moment, knowing that he needed an anwser. Even though he didn't want to explain, he had too much heart not to reply. "I've met a lot of people who didn't really appreciated my design. But I didn't care since I had a job to do. I know that a Centaur based robot is very usefull in some circumstances...and that I don't fit in other situations, but atleast I serve a purpose. And if some people don't see the value of that, you really shouldn't care."

"But that's the problem. I DO care about what theythink of me and I WANT them to care because if they don't, it won't make things better." Plant replied, raising his voice a bit. "We are created to make the worlda better place. But all everyone cares about are the cool guys! They only pay attention towards what machiene can bring you, or make you or destroy for you! And while they're blinded by this entertainment, only later do they realize that their beautifull wildlife is gone becuase they were too busy looking at a destructive robot to see what it does!"

He stood up and walked around as he spoke, leaving Centaurman with no anwser. He didn't know what to say since what Plantman said was true. Daily attractions, new inventions and buisness wern't ass important as life on earth.

"My goal is make everyone realize what's right and wrong and to open their eyes to what they've been missing. Sure, plants and flowers arn't as cool as say: Crashbombs, Rolling cutters or Yamato spears but alteast they make sure the bees have something to do, so that they can pollinate the earth, so that it can grow fruite trees, so more flowers can grow next year, cause if they don't, the earth will be dead within 4 years! Why? because they didn't care!"

He exclaimed, throwing his daisy at the ground. Centaurman's expression faded into a glance of guilt as he looked down a bit. Understanding Plant's grief and frustration. The robot sighed as he calmed his circuits.

"But what do you know. Why do you care? You don't understand. You'll never understand." He said softly, laying down against a rock. "When we riunite with the others, I'm going back to Brazil. Goodnight." The robot turned his back towards his friend wrapping his arms around his chest, ready to sleep.

"Plantman, I know that you're-" "GOOD-NIGHT." He interupted. Centaur wanted to continue, but stopped himselfsince he knew it wouldn't make a difference. A soft rumbling sound of lightning echoed through the sky as he lay his head on his arms, still looking at his friend while slowly closing his eyes. Meanwhile, Plant was struggling to surpress his depressed nature. It was easy for him to get sad, but he had enough of it and tried to keep this painfull sting in his throat; not even allowing a tear to run down his cheeck. The only thing he could think about was getting home towards the people who have respect for nature. Nothing else matters mroe to him than life on earth.

Had this idea for a while. Wanted to express how I sometimes feel about people not caring about nature.

To all, I have not abandoned my love for Jack the shark, Laya the dragon or any other things of my origonal work because of Megaman. Robot masters like Plantman gave me the idea to inspire kids to fight for nature. Infact, a lot of the robot masters from MM6 will make kids interested of where they came from. Tamohwakman for example will interest them in the histoy of Indians and the history of how America got discovered. Centaurman will show them about Greek mythology and a lot more.

And they still have more talent than Nicky Minaj ever will have c:

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