APH Taitung colored Picture

I colored it! And it's Taiwanese flag color! 紅地藍天!

Axis Powers Hetalia by Hidekaz Himaruya is a webcomic/manga/anime that personifies countries. I've seen a lot of APH fanart on DA and noticed some artists creating their versions of personified states, provinces, cities, or counties. Therefore, I decided to personify Taitung County (台東縣).

Taitung is the east region of Taiwan. Taitung was the last part of Taiwan to be colonized by the Han Chinese immigrants. Because of its isolation, Taitung is less populated and less polluted compared to other parts of Taiwan.

Taitung is known for being the center of the Taiwanese Aboriginals. The snake, boat, flying fish, and sun with an eye come from Taiwanese Aboriginal mythology. The fruit on the left is an annona squamosa (釋迦). Although it originated from Netherlands, it is a popular fruit in Taitung.
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