Apollo AOM stamp Picture

I have been playing Age of mythology again but when I looked for stamps there weren't any apart from one or two, so I made some...a bunch of them in fact XD

below is the description from the game, I figured I should include it for them all. enjoy!

"The god of music, archery (only as sport), medicine, colonization, herds, and divination, he represents many of the better qualities of humankind, including order, intelligence, rationalization, and an appreciation for the finer things. He could cause or cure the plague. He established the oracle at Delphi and perhaps the city of Troy. He is often perceived as the perfect male. Apollo and his twin sister Artemis were fathered by Zeus and born of the Titan Leto, necessarily incurring the wrath of Zeus’ wife Hera, who did all she could to prevent the twins from being born. Apollo was also well known for his love affairs with beautiful mortals of both sexes, including among them Calliope, Coronis and Daphne. Apollo's Oracle at Delphi was well known throughout the Mediterranean. Apollo is closely associated with the sun, or at least with Helios, the Greek sun god. "
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