MLP Next Gen Ref: Princess Usha Picture

Full Name: Princess Usha
Nickname: Usi
Gender: Female
Age: Uknown but looks 27
Species: draconequus
Cutie Mark: TBA (or she just might not get one)
Father: Discord
Mother: Princess Celestia
Optical Illusion- Little brother

Other Family:
The main 6- Aunts in respect
Luna- Aunt
King Sombra- uncle
Prince Blueblood- ??? (i don't really know)
Lady Shooting Star- close friends of the family (i guess)
Princess Midnight- Cousin
Princess Moonshadow- Cousin
Princess Cadence- Aunt in respect
Shining Armor- Uncle in respect

Sexual orientation: (not sure ATM)
Status: Single

Natal Acraea
Prince Starlight
Prince Maverick
Princess Dolly
Princess Northern Star
Lady Shooting Star
(More TBA)

AU Family: (Meaning siblings that come from the same ship but aren't my OC's)

Other info: Usha is the daughter of Discord and Princess Celestia, her body has Mule Ears, Cockatrice Wings, A Tiger Paw, A Dragon Leg, A Dragon Spines, A Snake/Classic Unicorn Tail, A Deer Leg, and one Normal Pony Leg.

And to quote Sakya-Chan

Usha: the name of a mythological demon princess, daughter of heaven and sister of night, and means "dawn." :v so, Sun and evil into one name.

Growing up she was kept in the castle and rarely ever left the safety of it's walls. She grew up along side her mother, but if anyone ever showed up, Usha was told to go to her room until one of her parents would come for her. Now most of the time Usha was also taught by her mother and her aunt Luna, Discord also taught her how to use her magic and would teach her some things that would get her in some trouble but she thought it was funny and so he has her father sense of humor, but she also has her mother sense or pride and respect, she Usha became a well mannered princess.

Now in my head cannon Usha was born before Discord tried to take over Equesrtria, why? well Celestia and discord were in love and they ended up having a foal without anyone but Luna knowing about it. But one Day when Usha was younger, Discord tried teaching her some magic that ended up causing a LOT of trouble, Celestia was going to ground her for her behavior and Discord felt that it was not fair, "She was just having a little fun that's all!" "Turning ponies manes into candy floss and the roads into ice is not how she should behave." More fights would come up like this and that's why Discord wanted to take control, so that in the worlds chaotic state he and his child would be able to play and have fun forever, but as we all know his acts were cut short and he was turned to stone. Usha was Upset and missed her father but she hoped that one day he would come back to make up and she could have her family back.
Usha still learned under her mother and became a proper princess and her mother and her are very close, and now that her father is reformed she has her family back.

Base: (one of my own again will post later)

A big thank you once again to Sakya-Chan for making me the Baby in the first place X3
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