some R n R Picture

remus and romulus

got the star- clothing idea from
I cannot decide what to have as colors for their clothes.. I'd rather have them look more alike but with more colors than just ..white...

so annoying

annyways.. on to more pressing business:

Remus (sun diety) and Romulus (moon diety)
Age: they control time so they have no real age and can change their age whenever they wish, HOWEVER, the personally like to stay young about the age of 10
Hair: stark white
Eyes: iridescent or rainbow.. however you want to put it
Personality: they are extremely inquisitve, expecially about the mortal world (earth) and are sometimes mischievious because being alive for all eternity tend to get quite boring
Likes: sweet food, his brother
Dislikes: their father
Important notes:

long description T ^ T
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