Pokemon: Espeon Line Art Picture

Drawn by me (my favorite Pokemon!)
Espeon is an evolved, lavender-colored, cat-like form of Eevee that became available with the Japanese release of Pokémon Gold and Silver. It is a psychic type Pokémon. The appearance of Espeon is said to resemble the Japanese mythological creature known as Nekomata which also displays the feline body with forked tail tip and solid colored eyes. An Espeon's fur is so sensitive it is used to sense air currents, allowing it to predict the weather, as well as the actions of its opponent in battle. Its forked tail quivers when this occurs. A red jewel rests on its head and glows whenever Espeon uses its psychic abilities. Espeon are described as being very loyal to their trainers once they consider them worthy. They are also said to develop precognitive abilities in order to protect their trainers, Espeon become enabled to see into the future to identify potential threats. Eevee evolves into Espeon by having a high happiness level and leveling up during the day. A Sun Shard item can also be used in Pokémon XD, a Sun Ribbon in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Blue, Red, Explorers of Time, and Explorers of Darkness. According to IGN, Espeon's english name is derived from "ESP" and the suffix "-eon", as with every evolution of Eevee.
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