Yuan Ti 2 Picture


Well another Yuan ti. And a female Yuan ti this time! Yes! I dont know why ovoviviparous creatures like they needs tits, but in all the oficial images of this race, all the females have (big) titis. I think this is right, coz if you fought a yuan ti sorceress, you want to see she like a female, not a androgenous serpent-like monstruosity. And some mythologies relationated with snakes and serpentines show them like desire agents or stuff like that, like in the christian myth of Eden's Gardens: The snakes there are an agent of the devil (or satan himself) to seduces the humanity to pick up the fruit of the knowledge of live and death.
Of shure, serpents are one of the most oldest and common symbols around the world. Them are one of the most alien creatures know by the man: they are scaled, have poison, coldblood and have no legs or a well defined sectioned body and of course, the forked thonge.
They are relationated directy with alchemy and cure, as you can see in the symbol of medicine. They poison is an old sobtance of drougs and medicines. And they have some of the most terrifing poison in nature world, caple to kill a human adult in a few minutes, like the Nadja or the Coral ones.
In some other cultures, instead, serpents are reltionate with positive things, like the Aztec Quetzalcoatl, sky and creation god, Oroboros, the alchemic symbol of continuity and eternity or Mucalinda, the Naga's king who shieds Buddah when he stay in meditation.
They are symbols of ressurection, linked with her capacity to left behinf the old sking and rise as a new one been, more strong and big.
In the norse mithology, Níðhöggr are the famous serpent-like dragon who eats in the roots of Yggdrasil, the tree of the world and Jörmungandr, the serpent son of Loki, is the arch enemy of Thor. In the egiptian Myths, exist some sepent likes creatrures of evil and exist some more of good and protection. The 3 most famous exempls of this are Atum, an anti-Ra creature who tries to devour the Sun God when he crosses the horizon, Nehebkau, a two headed serpent who guard the underworld's gates, and of course Wadjet, the primal goddess of serpent, protector of all the gods, the egypt itself and all the pharaos. Because of her, the pharaos whears the snake symbol on his centers and his crowns. On the greek ones, Ophion are a serpent-like Titan who rules the world over with Eurynome before Chronos and Rhea cast down them, Tiphon, another titan, are showed like mostruos serpent in some scripts. and there are the medusa, a serpent like woman, with snakes instead of hair and who turns into stone theses who cross her eyes. In the hebrew/arabic myths, the serpent are the guardian of the magic, as the lion are the guardian of courage and the eagle of wisdom. In the babilonic/mesopotamic Myths, Tiamat are described like a dragon-serpent creature. Other serpent myth who becomes famous is the basilisk, the snakeshaped moster who turns into stone those who cross his eyes, like medusa. He fougth Harry Potter and and the fenix Fawkes in the second book of the young mage's saga, The Chamber of Secrets
As said, in literature there are some references to snakes, alot only in the Harry Potter series, relationed all the time with Lord Voldemort. Edgar Allan Poe wrote some things about serpents in his histories. H.P Lovecraft, Stephen King and Conrad tell alot of serpent monsters in they own histoires.
In the big screen, many are the films of evils and unusual violent serpents and cobras who kills poor humans... All the these films are stupid i think. Maybe the most famous one are these with Jennifer Lopez and Ice Cube. In therory, they are in brazilian's tropical jungle, but one of the charactes speak spanish! and i ask: Why the americans thing we speak spanish in Brazil?! nevermind...
Up with the snakes, they are some of the most common militar symbols. In the american's independence, some battalions use the whiped snake flag, alredy to attack, as a symbol to provokes the english soldiers. And of course, the (in)famous Cobra Team of the American Army.
Serpents are too a phalic symbol (oh, i hate Freud!), used too well by glam rock/hard rock bands like Whitesnake (imagine what withe snake ¬¬
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