Raven Rainbow Picture

I finally used the colored pencils I've had since Christmas.

This was the picture I mentioned in the journal where I spoke of forgetting how beautiful color was.... the peaceful feeling, encompassed in serenity and life...

Unfortunately, the scanner made it difficult to capture the colors and everything. I don't think it's very apt a choice for very-lightly drawn-on colored pencil. ^^';;


Written on the back of the paper:

According to some Native American stories, the raven began was the whitest bird of all - and was blackened by a brave and determined flight to the sun for the good of all the animals. The Great Spirit granted her 'little rainbows' in her feathers to thank her for the deed.

In Greek mythology, Corvus was (also originally white) supposed to fly a cup of water to Apollo (the sun god), and because he stopped for a snack on the way and then lied to Apollo of the reason it took so long, the Sungod grew angry - he burnt the bird's feathers in anger and cast him and the cup to the stars as punishment.

To this day, crows and ravens love flying as high as they can, still as black and smooth as obsidian, showing their 'rainbow' feathers with pride as they fly high - but never high enough to touch the sun. Whether their acrobatics are dancing with joy and thanks or taunting the sun, their display in flight is always beautiful...


This picture was drawn on Sunday, February 27th, 2010; it took at least an hour and a half.

It's supposed to show a raven lifting high into the sky, trailing a light and peaceful rainbow behind her, its colorful ends touching the surface of the water as she soars high above the forest...

I wish the scanner had captured the gentle blending between the colors in the rainbow and the reflection on the water better...

The wrinkle in the page is from my doves landing on it. They may be small, but they have pretty big feet.
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