Urajdet Picture

An old-ish Fakemon I've been working on. It is based off of the Winged Cobra in Egyptian mythology. c:
He is also partially inspired by Re, of the same origins. :3

Name: Uradjet [Uraeus and Wadjet]
Height: 4'7"
Weight: 88.3 lbs.
Type: Flying/Poison
Abilities: Shed Skin [The Pokémon may heal its own status problems.]/ Flare Burst [Increases Special Attack to 1.5× when burned.]
Hidden Ability: Poison Touch [Has a 20% chance of poisoning Pokémon upon contact when attacking.]
Pokedex Entry 1: "Uradjets like to bathe in the sunlight to store solar power. It keeps the solar power in the symbol on its tail."
Pokedex Entry 2: "Long ago, Uradjets were worshiped by an ancient people as a god incarnate."
Evolves: None.
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