PMCC: Sakhet Picture

And SHILAMMITYZAM, finally the Afternoon Solar Guardian. She went through a lot of drafts, but I settled with an Egyptain theme because how could I not? Egyptian deserts are seen a lot in the musroom kingdom, but who cares, Egyptian lore is pretty sweet.

That's Sakhet, Guardian of the Afternoon Sun. Her quick flying speeds and chase cutting attitude makes her a messenger between the earth and heavens. She also seems to represent victory in war and post war healing, amulets of her being carried by millitary leaders in times of old as a good luck charm.

Sakhet embodies the Afternoon sun, and acts as a messenger between the heavens and the earth, bringing news of war or peace. She’s an odd case of a Guardian, either being for victory in war, messages between the heavens, or the healing peace after such a war, that or all three. Regardless, the kind of person to not really take (frankly) blabbering nonsense from anyone, wishing to cut to the chase plain and simple. Even from those ranked higher than her, babble on with her and she will want the chase cut as soon as possible. Of course, later in the adventure, she's been in some trouble and for your efforts, she rewards the Afternoon Miracle Star.

Origin is pretty basic: She’s a loose interpretation of Sekhmet, a solar goddess related to War, Fire, Dance, Love and Medicine. Wanted to keep the lion bits, but I already have Mbube for the lion motif so I went with the next best thing: A Gryphon (it's 50% lion so), since they stem from Egyptian mythology as well. Her name is an alternate name of Sekhmet, plain and simple.

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