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Name: Yama Raja (यमराज) *
Nickname/Alias: The Cursed One, Harrow, Little Furbutt (yasou's fault)
Meaning: Abstinence, self-control

Age: 16(?)
Species: Daiyamondo Okami (Wolf)

Gender: Male
Orientation: /
Virgin: unknown
Partner: Uchuu ( fav.me/d8sn14g )
Birthday: Unknown
Birthplace: India
Spoken Languages: Japanese, Hindu (Native), English and a bit French

Height (Wolf): (Shoulder height), 130 cm
Height (Human): (normal height), 170 cm

Hair color: light brown/beige with white bangs
Eye Color: Ice Blue
Markings: Diamond Symbol- Typical for The Daiyamondo Species , some markings from his wolfs fur in his skin

Features: canine teeth in human form (always!)

Enemies: Kishin , Marick , Yaevinn
Friends: Lunatic,Uchuu
Neutral: Kariah, Mahesha , Fenya
Rival: Yasuo

Likes: nights, peace , uchuu , snakes
Dislikes: other wolfs and daiyamondos (mostly yasuo),foxes

Pack (yama was forced to join them) :
Yasuo Narukami (Alpha Male)
Hibiki Lennox


Crystal Storm:
Every Daiyamondo has The ability to summon blue, ice-like crystals which float
and can be send to the enemy to crush them down.

Unlike other Daiyamondo's Yama's crystals are Black and he can use them longer its because of the pact.

Cosmic Crystalstorm:
he can use some sort of cosmic powers thanks to uchuu but the cosmic crystalstorm costs him more energy so he isn't able to use them loner than a few seconds.

Cross Mode:
The Cross mode is some kind of fight mode which a Daiyamondo only uses if in danger.
when yama uses the cross mode an loses control he may will tend to cannibalism which rally happens but from time to time it happens.

The Pact:
some people think yama concluded a pact with an rakshasa* which's name is unknown and Some people say he's pact partner is the god of death yamaraja itself
while some other people say he made a pact with kali*
but nobody knows that he actually made an pact with the Seiun Wolf Uchuu
the pact allows him to use some sort of cosmic powers and gave him black ice crystals.


Personality: yama acts outwardly always grumpy and distant he has problems to show his emotions and doesn't smile very often
Also, yama would never be subjected to someone,not even if his life depends on it.
he quickly becomes jealous and Yama behaves not always nice to other people so he tries to avoid his kind.
But Yama also can be very nice it really deepens on the person he meets.

Backroundstory: /


*Yama or Yamarāja is a god of death, belonging to an early stratum of Rigvedic deities. In Sanskrit, his name can be interpreted to mean "twin".[1] In the Zend-Avesta of Zoroastrianism, he is called "Yima".[2] According to the Vishnu Purana, his parents are the sun-god Surya[3] and Sanjna, the daughter of Vishvakarman. Yama is the brother of Sraddhadeva Manu and of his older sister Yami, which Horace Hayman Wilson indicates to mean the Yamuna.[4] According to Harivamsa Purana her name is Daya.[5] There is a one-of-a-kind temple in Srivanchiyam, Tamil Nadu dedicated to Yama.[citation needed]

In the Vedas, Yama is said to have been the first mortal who died. By virtue of precedence, he became the ruler of the departed,[6] and is called "Lord of the Pitrs".[7]

Mentioned in the Pāli Canon of Theravada Buddhism, Yama subsequently entered Buddhist mythology in Tibetan and East Asian Buddhism as a dharmapala under various transliterations. He is otherwise also called as "Dharmaraja".


*A Rakshasa (Sanskrit: rākṣasa) is a demonic being from Hindu mythology. As mythology made its way into other religions, the rakshasa was later incorporated
into Buddhism. Rakshasas are also called maneaters (Nri-chakshas, Kravyads). A female rakshasa is known as a Rakshasi. A female Rakshasa in human form is a Manushya-Rakshasi. The terms Asura and Rakshasa are sometimes used interchangeably.


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