The Reaper Picture

For a long time I’ve been fascinated by the different aspects associated with the figure of Lucifer, and thus I thought it might be a good time to try and create a painting celebrating those aspects.
It wasn’t until a few years ago I had the chance to listen to Green and Grey sung by Damh the Bard, and I was weirded out by the association of the devil with the green man/the lord of the forest. The concept was weirdly attractive, as I think it derived from the Pan-like depictions of Satan in popular religious art. Thus the weird wooden-like figure represents the Green Man Lucifer. The red face with the fangs was inspired by decorated skulls from South East Asia, and is meant to represent the shamanic aspects of Lucifer as an initiator (which I think is it’s first and most important role in the Bible, as he’s the one that “initiates” Even to the truth of the Garden). He’s the old shaman that initiates its successor.
On his shoulder there’s a Quetzal, and behind him a corn field; two things I took from Central and South American mythologies as for us south americans Lucifer is also related in his aspect as the son of dawn/morning star to Quetzalcoatl, who’s also a Promethean-like figure associated with the morning star. The corn represents the creation myth in south american cultures, as men were thought to have been created out of corn (as famously depicted in the Popol Vuh, which by the way, I read before even knowing about greek and roman myths haha).
Seated on the wooden chair is Humanity, having an epiphany. On her lap there’s a peacock, a symbol for Melek Taus (who is not really ‘Satan’ but he’s a proud angel who God assigned the task of creating the world in Yazidi religion). In the back, a cave, yet another symbol for initiation as it was the most popular destination for anyone who was into mystery traditions. The black sun in the sky, as well, signifies the first stage of initiation (sol niger - the first stage in alchemical operation).

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