Sept. 5, 2016 Picture

Here they are again, returning to the fields as the sun rises.

Alrighty, as promised, here are the names that I've found that I've liked, but can't fully decide on (ordered girl and boy):

Willow and Oak/Ash (couldn't decide which I liked better for him)

Lifen and Yaozu (these are some Chinese names that I liked)

Ceres and Terran (I liked the suggestion Terran so I did some sifting around and found Ceres which is a mythological link)

Azizu/Azizos/Aziz and Arsu (these two are both supposed to be male names so either could be for the girl, and there are a lot of spelling variations for the first one so I added them in. They are the names of the ancient Palmyran gods of the morning and evening stars respectively.)
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