Sisters Bound Forever Picture

Yggdrassil, the magnificent tree that was once a queen of a kingdom,
Niddhog, the monstruous creature that slowly swallows it's roots,
Both bound for more than just branches,
Born together, linked by blood, fought in an eternal battle
And when Niddhog perished, she took her own sister with her
Now, they coexist like, sun and moon,
Earth and Water,
Life and Death
Trapped together, forever.

This is Niddhog & Yggdrassil, the ones from the nordic mythology, but this is a bit different. I made this story long time ago, but my skills to write and draw had been pretty.... bad lately.

Art and Characters: Me
Drawing: Me
Time: 4 hours 31 minutes
Do not use or copy or steal even if I know its ugly...
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