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'nother concentration piece. This time, Sasuke and Naruto as the Egyptian gods, Khonsu (moon god) and Ra (sun god), respectively. The connection between the two isn't really that clear in this version, but I added stars to Sasu's side and a sun to Naru's side today, soo when I get the chance to take a photo of the updated version, I'll replace this with it, since I think it makes it a lot clearer. :3

I have many many sketches that I need to finish and post, so when those are done I will make sure to put them up here. *nods* This is just buying time. Not like I don't wanna show off my concentration pieces, but, well, I didn't really want to bombard you with eleven pieces within one day, since I actually do expect them to at least get a couple pageviews each, and I don't really feel like having all the people who watch me simultaneously take me off their devwatches, heh.

Okay, so, coming up: Xanadu x Autumn gropeage, Luke, Sarafina smut, boob squad goodness, Kankuro pr0n, Yakuza (my new Avatar fancharacter), Kaku's profile page, Seansex, Chrissex, guy!me, my four new Star Wars character sketches, Xanadu smut, Yuki x Aura cuteness, and Xanadu x Sarafina perversity. And yes, I have all those sketched and only Kaku's profile inked. OH YEAH GO ME.

I blame my AP Art Portfolio. >.>

Sasuke and Naruto (c) Masashi Kishimoto.

art + concept (c)
Sasuke and Naruto were painted with acrylic paints. The background was done in chalk pastel. And please forgive the shoddy quality of the photograph, I know it sucks, but it was the only way I could get a photo of it without the flash making the acrylics get all shiny and bleh looking. So there.
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