Violaverse: Kids table part 2 Picture

God, I hate doing this. I'm really not used to working on a single picture for more than a day. It's weird. Anyway, I'm finally done with this one. I have a few new faces here. Two of them are adoptable's and the rest are of my own creation.

I don't feel like typing out whats going on here tonight so you guys can guess if you want. I'll type it our later. For now, a few details and intros of the new or unfamiliar faces starting from left to right:

Name: Acheron
nicknames: Ash
Parents: Fluttershy (Adopted mother), Iron Will (Adopted father), King Sombra (Adopted father), Lord Tirek (Biological father), ??? (Biological father)
quick bio: He was found in a basket in front of Fluttershy's cottage years ago. He doesn't know he is adopted, figuring his was born from his fathers rather than his mother. In order to keep this up, Ash grinds his horns down against rocks to keep them Minotaur length. He doesn't like that he has to do this.

Name: Stardust
nicknames: Star
Parents: Starlight Glimmer (Biological mother), Sunburst (Biological father)
quick bio: The meek one. Despite his shy nature, his magical ability is higher than his brother by miles though he rarely uses his magic in fear Sun will resent him. He is, however, ever willing to use said magic whenever he feels endangered.

Name: Sun Flare
nicknames: Sun, brother (Stardust)
Parents: Starlight Glimmer (Biological mother), Sunburst (Biological father)
quick bio: The loud one of the duo. Despite his parents attempts, he has very little magical ability, inheriting his fathers weak magic. He doesn't mind though, since his interests lies elsewhere.

Name: Honey Brie
nicknames: Hon, Honey, Bri.
Parents: Pinkie Pie (Biological mother), Cheese Sandwich (biological Father)
quick bio: She was born on Hearths warming and loves clinging to her big brothers, like her name implies.

Name: Unnamed
nicknames: N/A
Parents: Applejack (biological Mother), Flim (biological Father)
quick bio:(Not sure of anything yet.)

Name: Finesse
nicknames: Fin, Nessie, douche (Sweet Deal)
Parents: Flam (Biological father), Photo Finish (biological mother)
quick bio: He has been raised by his mother since he was a foal. His parents divorced very soon after his birth and though his father pays child support, he rarely comes to visit.

Name: Unnamed
nicknames: N/A
Parents:Big Mac (Biological father), Cheerilee (biological mother)
quick bio: (Not sure of anything yet.)

Name: Unnamed
nicknames: N/A
Parents: Big Mac (Biological father), Cheerilee (biological mother)
quick bio: (Not sure of anything yet.)


Quick notes:

1: Acheron is new and I love him already, though I made him up on the spot.
I named him after one of the rivers in Tartarus cause I love Greek Mythology. On the other hand, he is also named after a character I really like from a series I fell out of that had... bad things happen to him so it's a bit weird for me. But I already love him and his mane of flames.

2: I have drawn the Glimmer twins before but you might have missed them for whatever reason so I'm reintroducing them. They mostly live in the Crystal Empire so I don't get to draw them often.

3: Honey is one of the adoptable's I bought recently from
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