Shadow Silveena and Ziggy *Lagoon Vista Beach* Picture

This is my concept artwork of Shadow Silveena and Ziggy running along the Lagoon Vista Beach on the planet Orion. The inspiration for Shadow Silveena comes from the mythical creature in the Japanese Mythology called the Kitsune. They are known to have more than one tail and are tricksters in stories. Ninetails (from Pokemon and Okami), as well as the beast form of Naruto; all of these creatures were inspired from the Kitsune and same goes for Silveena's Shadow form. In fact, Silveena's dream is to have 9 tails because if she did end up having 9 tails in her purple form (Nexus form), then she would become unstoppable. Shadow Silveena has 9 tails, but Silveena can only use this form for a limit amount of time.

Like Ziggy's gradient colour scheme, I had used different gradient colour schemes for the sky and clouds. I had used different lightings for the reflection from the sun for the water and everything is done in pinks and purples because I really loved the artwork from this image on Google Search of the beach on how the artist used these colours to create a warmth atmosphere. I also used the lightings for Shadow Silveena to give her some depth. I also wanted to give Ziggy a scarf because he just looks adorable wearing one. Finally, I have added a drop shadow to give the characters depth as well.

References: Kitsune from Japanese Mythology, Beach Clip Art from Google Search and Zamasu from Dragon Ball Super.

Please enjoy the artwork.
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