Nation: Ekhi Ref Picture

Enchanted Whispers

Chapter: Basque Stories
Character: Ekhi

Often quiet, and something of a strange sight; in particular when arriving from nowhere. Although a bit odd, appears kinder than depicted in legends.

Normal Pokemon
-Both eyes are visible.
-"Hair" is stylized, and contains more blue than her body.

Fun Facts :
-Ekhi: Goddess of the Sun in Basque mythology, viewed as the protector of humanity.


Name: Ekhi
Gender: Female
Type: Ghost/Fire
Hatch Date: 10/8/14
ID Number: 16962


Level: 100
Started Base Attack: 5
Current Base Attack: 25
Moves: Ember (Start), Astonish (Start), Smog, Will-o-Wisp, Confuse Ray, Flame Burst

Level Up Log:
+6 Levels: Application
+40 Levels:
Lots of Moves (Learned Smog, Will-o-Wisp, Confuse Ray, and Flame Burst)
+55 Levels: Nation: Ekhi
Continue Reading: Sun