Flotation Device: Hermesians Picture

Here's another datasheet for Flotation Device, about the alien species of the hermesians.

See, in Flotation Device, all 11 planets in our solar system have native, sentient life on them, and go by names based on Greek mythology instead of Roman lore. If any of you guessed that the hermesians are actually supposed to be from Mercury, then congratulations. Before I begin, TL;DR, The hermesians are supposed to serve as the classic grey aliens from all of the alien conspiracies in the mid-twentieth century, like the Roswell sightings, anal probings and cow abductions in the midwest, and everything surrounding Area 51. The hermesians are basically fire-proof from living so close to the Sun and are resistant to cold thanks to how their planet rotates. Hermesians got into space before any other species, and are still the most technologically advanced culture in the solar system. They can also survive in the vacuum of space. Now, for those of you who like to read, here's the unabridged version:

Hermesians are usually shorter than human beings, but not by too much, with the average hermesian height being 1.35 meters (about 4'5''). They are stocky and dense, but are not particularly stronger than their peers. Their skin is always a monochrome shade of grey, and doesn't naturally grow hair of any kind. Their large, dark eyes are perhaps the most striking physical aspects of the species, along with their enlarged craniums and lack of noses. Their ears can be difficult to find, but are visible behind their skulls if one looks hard enough. They are mammals, like humans, and reproduce in a similar fashion. Hermesians are highly resistant to extreme heat and extreme cold, and are capable of surviving in a vacuum.

Hermesians were the earliest of the 11 sentient species to make it into space, and have been exploring space for over 200 years by now. Hermesians have never actually had a concept of government, and often show concern towards their celestial neighbors who operate under such institutions. Their early history was long-marred by constant struggle to adapt to their harsh and desolate homeworld. Gaian historians are baffled that during their ancient times hermesians didn't descend into barbarian conflicts and competition for sparse resources. In truth, hermesians developed a society in their dark age that focused on everyone working together for beneficial gain; a tradition that is still followed today. Hermesians exist in an anarchic state, where everyone works for the benefit of their neighbors; a government type that has resulted in demeterans nicknaming them "filthy commies", and gaians nicknaming them "Mary Sue hippies". in any case, Hermes has become a sufficiently advanced ecumenopolis to support one of the larger populations in the galaxy, and the energy capital of the solar system, thanks to the constant solar energy generated by the nearby Sun. Though many other species have caught up to their technological level, the hermesians remain the most technologically advanced culture in the solar system. They are not, nor have they ever been, at war with any other species, and have proven willing to deal with every other civilization in space, even, though unsuccessfully, with the erisans.

Hermesians did not have much in the way of culture until they began visiting other planets. For much of their history, the only thing on a hermesian's mind was survival for them and their loved ones. Such frivolous things like art, fun, and entertainment were luxuries that early hermesians could not afford. Thousands of different religious groups have existed and failed throughout hermesian history as most hermesians did not dwell much on creation, mythology, fate, or afterlives. The one theology that has persisted throughout their history is how they view the Sun: a furnace that grants life to the planets of the solar system, but at the same time burns everything to cinders if it can. Hermesians have since taken a vast number of influences from their neighbors, especially gaians and aresians. It is never rare to meet a hermesian who acts and uses mannerisms from a human culture. Hermesians are stereotyped as friendly and peace-loving, but as always there are outliers to these stereotypes, and one is perfectly likely to encounter hermesian criminals and soldiers. They have the luxury of being at peace with the rest of the solar system not because of their foreign policies, but because their technologies and weapons are so advanced that no one could conceivably fight them on their own. Hermesians will only fight a war they have a 100% chance of winning. On the other hand, they prefer to avoid conflict whenever possible. Most of their technology is sleek and iPod-like, and many of their space ships still maintain the classic UFO-flying saucer shape.

That should be enough for the hermesians for now. As usual, this is just how I imagine them, and anyone with a different idea is free to pursue it. Most of my interpretation here is derived from PrinceBuffoonand his character, Freedom. Anyway, I'll try to get more of these datasheets online so you guys have more basic concepts to work with. For the ones I have so far, see below:
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