Yrdish Unicorn Picture

I really am iffy about having Unicorns in Yrd, although, more and more my mind wants to put them in there. GUH!!!!

so far I want them to be sort of a counter made by the sun to the moon and the lakelords and her other various usurpations.

anyway it goes something like this.

and seeing the beasts her sister made, and their foul offspring, she took unto her the fawn, the lamb, the rabbit, and all gentle creatures and assembled them into one body and atop its head she placed a pinnacle that would ever point towards the her, and they would honour her. And the sun was glad and she sent them out into the earth to populate and bring joy to all who beheld them. And the Moon, seeing these creatures scoffed at them. "surely such a being would have the sweetest flesh? he shall become the tender meat for all that tower over him, and man will covet their horns, and their blood shall stain the land."

and my brain just broke. writing a passage from the Lara Yrda off the top of your head will kill a few braincells. but hopefully you get the idea

and yes, Yrdish Unis are TINYYYYYYYYY
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