Das Aufictsen: Sunna Picture

So moving on from Zeitgeist is the next member of Das Aufictsen, Sunna.

Far as background goes, not entirely certain. There's this whole plot thread I'm wanting to develop where a conspiracy is responsible for creating many of the superhumans in Europe as a way of countering efforts by various other powers (United States, China, Russia, Islamic Terrorists) to create "persons of power" that Zeitgeist and some of his allies helped take down, and Sunna is one of their creations (amongst other characters). I'm not entirely certain if I want her powers to be supernatural or based around physical alteration.

Far as those go, she can basically project blasts of heat/plasma in various forms, fly, and has moderate amounts of superhuman strength and durability. Kinda like the Teen Titan's Starfire in some respects.

The name is derived from old High German mythology. In those myths, the sun is a woman and the moon a man.

Unlike Zeitgeist, there was no initial concept pic. I kinda struck on an idea for Sunna and just ran with it until I was pleased.

Sunna, Zeitgeist, and related characters are (c)
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