Next Gen 2.0 Picture

As I said in a previous journal, I scrapped my next gen. I guess I didn't mention that I was making a new one.
I am much happier with this one... Design and ship wise.

Wanted to get these guys posted, so most of the bios are WIP

Well. Let's get into this... Going left to right

Name: Cosmic Ray
Nickname: Ray, Cosmo (only by Cherise)
Gender: Male
Parents: Twilight Sparkle (Mother), Comet Tail (Father)
Sibling: N/A
Talent: Star charting and mythology behind said star
Occupation: Heir to the throne of Friendship but trying to get a job at a planetarium
Bio: Ray was always a child that was easy to get along with. He has and still does prefer to be alone though, in the quiet with only the night sky by his side. He always used the night sky to get away from his duties as a young prince. Nowadays, he's accepted the responsibilties despite not really liking any of it, but it makes his mother happy. He is a fairly charming, upbeat stallion when in the company of others.

Name: Cloudburst
Nickname: Cloud
Gender: Female
Parents: Rainbow Dash (Mother), Quibble Pants (Father)
Sibling(s): Jet Stream
Talent: Writing.
Occupation: Jet Stream and Rainbow Dash's pack mule at events. Freelance writer in he own time
Bio: Cloud was an energetic child in her youth. However, being the second born and the only earth pony daughter of famed Rainbow Dash isn't easy. Cloud often feels left out and even has a strained relationship with both her sister and mother; she could never leave the shadow cast by the two remarkable flyers. From a young age, she enjopyed fantasy and both her mother and father read her the Daring Do books again and again, as well as a few convention when she was young... However when both Jet and Cloud got older and Jet's wings could support her enough to fly, Cloud was left in the dust. Nowadays, she carries the gear for both sister and mother for their Wonderbolt shows. She just wants to write a novel.

Name: Jet Stream
Nickname: Jet, J, Streamy
Gender: Female
Parents: Rainbow Dash (Mother), Quibble Pants (Father)
Sibling(s): Cloudburst
Talent: Speed and flying
Occupation: Wonderbolt
Bio: WIP

Nickname: Goldy
Gender: Female
Parents: Applejack (Mother), Flim (Father)
Sibling(s): N/A
Talent: (NEED HELP)
Occupation: Working on the family farm
Bio: WIP

Name: Crystal Lance (TENTATIVE NAME)
Nickname: Lance
Gender: Male
Parents: Cadence (Mother), Shining Armor (Father)
Sibling(s): Flurry Heart
Talent: (NEED HELP)
Occupation: (NEED HELP)
Bio: WIP

Name: Tranquil River
Nickname: River
Gender: Female
Parents: Celestia (Adoptive Mother)
Sibling(s): Sun Spark
Talent: Water based activities
Occupation: In charge of the royal gardens
Bio: The younger of Celestia's two adopted daughters. River is a quiet, laidback pony who truly enjoys the calm and loneliness of the Canterlot Palace. When she isn't reading in her chambers, she can be found in the royal gardens, caring for the flowers, animals, and general environment of the area; her personal favourite is the lone stream flowing through the gardens. Although being younger than her sister, River was actually adopted first as a young foal, while Spark was adopted later.

Name: Sun Spark
Nickname: Spark, Sun Butt, Sunshine
Gender: Female
Parents: Celestia (Adoptive Mother)
Sibling(s): Tranquil River
Talent: Raising and lowering the sun
Occupation: Princess in Training, and heir to the sun
Bio: The elder of Celestia's daughters. Spark is an energetic, sweet, pegasus. She enjoys the day and basking in the sun. Despite being a pegasus, Spark has a distinct talent that matches her adoptive mother's; with no magic to speak of, it is unknown how she can somewhat control the sun. When her talent was discovered, her parents were frightened and gave Spark up for adoption. Celestia heard of the young filly's talent and went to immediately meet her.

Nickname: -SHRUGS-
Gender: Male
Parents: Fluttershy (Mother), Discord (Father)
Sibling(s): N/A
Talent: None? He ain't no normal pony
Occupation: ?
Bio: WIP

Name: Cherry Pie-Sandwich Cherise
Nickname: Cherry
Gender: Female
Parents: Pinkie Pie (Mother), Cheese Sandwich (Father)
Sibling(s): N/A
Talent: French Cuisine
Occupation: Student in cooking
Bio: Cherry Cherise is the only daughter of the party experts of Equestria. Only thing is? She hates loud, boisterous parties. Give her a book, or a dish to make, and she'll be happy. Although she dislikes parties, she could never hate her parents; quite the opposite, since she gets along great with her mother who taught her to bake and her father has always been there for her. Legally, her name is Cherry... she prefers the french variant sinc eshe believes it makes her sound more sophisiticated... She does have a snarky, sarcastic side but that only really ever comes out around her very close friends, otherwise, she is fairly stoic.

Name: Zircon (Rarity would obviously name her kid after a gem)
Nickname: Z
Gender: Male
Parents: Rarity (Mother), Thunderlane (Father)
Sibling(s): N/A
Talent: (HEEEELP)
Occupation: (AGAIN HELP)
Bio: WIP

Name: (Nope... )
Nickname: (HNNNNN)
Gender: Female
Parents: Marble Pie (Mother), Big Mac (Father)
Sibling(s): N/A
Talent: (>-<)
Occupation: (-shrugs-)
Bio: WIP

Name: (NADA)
Nickname: (shit)
Gender: Male
Parents: Starlight Glimmer (Mother), Sunset Shimmer (Mother)
Sibling(s): N/A
Talent: (...)
Occupation: (mmmmm)
Bio: WIP

Name: (hnnnn)
Nickname: (welp)
Gender: No Gender (prefers female pronouns)
Parents: Thorax (Father), Spike (Father)
Sibling(s): N/A
Talent: No cutiemark
Occupation: (////)
Bio: WIP
Note: Designed her before the finale. I haven't watched the finale in general yet tho

Name: Berry Sweet
Nickname: Berry, Sweets, Sweetie
Gender: Female
Parents: Lrya (Mother), BonBon (Mother)
Sibling(s): N/A
Talent: making sweets
Occupation: works in a candy store
Bio: WIP

Name: (hn)
Nickname: (k)
Gender: Female
Parents: Saffron Masala (Mother), Zephyr Breeze (Father)
Sibling(s): N/A
Talent: (nope)
Occupation: (ha)
Bio: WIP

Name: Nyx
Nickname: N/A
Gender: Female
Parents: Luna (Mother), Sombra (Father)
Sibling(s): Eclipse
Talent: (changing her cutiemark)
Occupation: Princess in training and heir to the moon
Bio: WIP

Name: Eclipse
Nickname: (?)
Gender: Male
Parents: Luna (Mother), Sombra (Father)
Sibling(s): Nyx
Talent: (hm)
Occupation: (help again)
Bio: WIP

anyways... that's them.. anything within brackets other than parents is so you can help name or help develop the characters

Cosmic Ray, Goldie, Berry Sweet, and Eclipse were adopted from DreamCloudAdopts
Crystal Lance was adopted from Alyxindar-Litesun
Tranquil River was adopted from GemzzXoX
Sun Spark was adopted from Asteradopts
MarbleMac kid was adopted from KatPocketMonster
SaffronBreeze kid was a design I adopted from Octo-Hedgie
And Nyx was adopted from VirtuallyCrazy
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