Spring: Amaterasu Picture

An illustration I did for a calendar project. I worked forever on that damn calendar project, and I just worked some more on this piece today. It's like they say, art is never finished, only abandoned. I found this on the hard drive of my Mac, pulled it into my Windows machine and touched it up a little.

The character is supposed to be Amaterasu, the Shinto sun goddess. There's not really anything about the way she's described that really identifies her as her, but she's the kind of character that's important to Japan, not only as a part of Shinto mythology, but as a cultural symbol as well. I started looking through books of old Japanese Prints and saw all the cool patterns on the little people's clothes and thought it would be cool if the goddess was wearing the little people as a pattern on her clothing, and it developed into what it is.

On a sort of funny side note, I accidentily drew the people onto her skin, mistaking it as clothing. Then I decided, hell, why not go for broke and put tattoos all up and down her arm. It works for me.

I started with a sharpie drawing on an acetate sheet. Then, I painted the back of the acetate with acrylics. Then, I scanned it and put it into Photoshop to give some areas a little more impact and color in the people on her clothes and body. It's still mostly painting and drawing, so I'll give it to Traditional > Mixed Media.
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