Homunculus Amaterasu Picture

From my series about golems vs Homunculus

Homunculus Amaterasu, the unholy spawn of death and destruction which terrifies anyone who witnessed its rise to power, it was a homunculus which was bigger, stronger and much, much tougher than any other homunculus which came before or after it.
It was named after the sun goddess of Japanese mythology as he shone black darkness down upon the world in a similar way to how the Japanese august goddess shone down from the heavens, the oppressive darkness bringing the entire world down, almost causing world wide anarchy and despair.
No one knows who made it, however it is widely accepted that it is the largest and easily the most powerful homunculus ever to have been created.
It was ripped in two after an organised attack by witches, shamans, golems, homunculus and Igor (all of which had lost massive amounts of people to Amaterasu, it killed indiscriminately and in large numbers, entire cities of humans, shamans and witches were wiped off the face of the earth).
its soul destroyed it became nothing but a huge amount of scrap metal, half of it was taken by the Igor race (who then went on to become known as the independent society of traders), the other half was split up between the witches and the shamans, both sides making a pact which prohibited making something so horrific and deadly again,.
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