Septimous Fox VS Wukong Color Picture



Mine is of the 3rd demon King (King Septimous Fox) whom is a 9 Tailed Huli Jing.

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It's the long ongoing story when Sun Wukong is up against 3 demon Kings which are conspiring to eat his Shifu/Master, and his fellow desiples.

Then, all of the Monks were freed. Of course, Wukong having a very violent nature bludgened every last devil into lumpy, squishy, bloddy pulp, and didn't stop smashing at them until he was completely tired.


The actual drawing has colors, but they are meaningless to what the final peice will look like.


This translated part of the story is actually very confusing and the paragraphs often run into each other. It was difficult to distinguish the charecteristicks of the 3 ranked Demon Kings.

So, after having read these chapters several times over, I'm sure I must've squished of of the charcterisicks of the other 2 kings with Septimous Fox. I looked up the word "Septimous" but I could find no meaning for it. It's either a very Olde English word, or latin or Greek since the original transltor was a scholar of Latin, Greek, and Mythology as well as being Brittish.


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