Homecoming - Viking ship painting Picture

'Homecoming' oil on board 35cm x 45cm

There was naught a sound in the air but for the creaking of the wood as the gentle waves lapped against the hull. Their oars adrift many oceans back, the men sat in grim silence, a cold shadow looming over them though the sun shone brightly.
And then, a raven's call from far above!

Some of the men stood, awakening their stiff joints, and looked above and lo they felt upon their faces the swift uptake of a breeze. The others rose too as they felt the clarion call, murmuring to themselves and each other as the breeze became a gust. The sail which moments before sagged in despair, now rippled loudly, billowing out as it caught the wind, propelling the ship forward.

A cheer rose from the men, applauded by the clanging of wares stored in the hull as the ship broke through each wave.

One went forth to the helm to stand, muscles tense with anticipation as he looked far to the horizon, seeking to spot land; the eagerness of the home-coming.

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