Costume meme - Belphegor Picture

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1) My favorite character is Bel from Katekyo Hitman Reborn!. I love very much Matt from Death Note, but I am in my Bel period XD
Bel is a young assassin for italian Mafia. He uses knifes and pretends to be a prince. He grown up in a castel with his twin brother, who was sadistic also. Bel murdered his bro and killed all habitants in the castel.
He is so cute, nee ? XD

2) My favorite super hero is Buffy, the vampire slayer. I'm french, and super heroes as Spiderman and Wolverine are too much for me -_-' I love Buffy, she is a girl with her problems, with her family, her friends, her boyfriend...and her demons XD And she DON'T wears ridiculous costum !!

3) I like greek mythology. I know all gods and several stories. Hercule is my fav movies by Disney (with Mulan) because songs are good, colors are bright and it's very funny. Hades is my favorite badass, because he is cool, ha ha.
I changed details for Bel, who is storm guardian.

4) When I think "magical school girl" I think "Sakura" ! CLAMP is the BEST and the little Sakura from Cardcaptor was my hero in my childhood (the anime was to the tv). She is so cute, and she has full clothes !

5) Strapes are emo. Bel loves strapes. Bel is emo.
But my emo looks like punk, he doesn't ?

6) 2010 is tiger year in chinese calendar.
I don't like animal costume...

7) Mad Hatter is a Lewis Caroll's character, but X down is a manga which uses his character, and others, for revisit the story. Its author is Rannsama
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