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I should really stop changing her appearence. I decided to go back to the original Nytmaer from several years ago but with a slight twist of new Nyt. This one has been made directually for the Nightmare Tournament and not much has change in the appearence of the wings. She is ment to have tendrils coming from her head but I forgot them XP.

The UV tattoos: [link] Caedus use the tattoos because they naturally see UV light, so they would be able to see the natural light containg the UV reflecting off the tattoos. Perfect indicator of family, rank and what not of fellow Caedus, especially in the middle of a big event of some sort.

Racrati is actually from her mother's love of the ancient Eygptian mythology, since her mother as the one that formed the gate between Earth and Zeteca; and the Cratialo a black flower of Zeteca. So Nytmaer's true name means basically "black sun flower" and her eyes are a perfect example of this. Serio is the family name, like our last names and Nytmaer is her own take on of Nightmare, based on the old english language.

Name: Serio Racrati Nytmaer
Age: Unkown last recorded age was 2274 years old, roughly, believed to be close to 5000 y.o.
Species: Caedus
Element: Shadow/ Necromancy with a mix of fire, and a little bit of ice and electricity (the later two not a great deal)
Normal:3. 8 metres / 12 ft 5 in roughly
All six: 1.9 metres / 6 ft 4 in

Main: 26 m / 85 ft 4 in
Secondary: 18 m / 59 ft
Third: 7 m / 22ft 11in
Forth: 4 m / 13 ft

Personality: To put it into a sentence: A war torn, almost insane, stubborn and vengence Orientated black dragon. Nytmaer's personality is quite complex. She suffers from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Apoplexy like sysptoms caused by a deep physical scar running through Nytmaer's brain and spine that had been originally caused by her insane, drug addicted, and alcholic father's twisted and unpredictable “games” and inslavement. She harbours a cold twisted personality that thanks to her age and experience, hides the scars. Some have described her as spilt personality, though this has been proven wrong. On the outside she is portrayed as an introvert, easily angered, easily offened and is very fond of vengence. Countless times she has been badly hurt from her uncanny ability to piss of other people, being outnumbered or not being distracted from her goal which she see's everyone as an ememy if they get in her way. Hence the stubborness. Her knowledge of all forces, environment, and her telepathic ability makes her a powerful ally and an even powerful enemy. She protects everything and one that she cares for to the her death if she has too.She sometimes act like a feral creature at times but that it quite normal for her when she is alone and finds it easy to protray her feelings this way. She sees life as a balance, what comes around, must come back.

At the start of the Nightmare tournament, the original "scar" has been heal so she does has her proper vision and hearing back, but almost all of her personality remains the same.

History: Nytmaer's history is long, you'll have to search around for the proper history on my forum or ask me about it. But basically she has lost everyone all but a select few, technically dead to the universe Nytmaer travels looking for anything and everything, making her living out of finding abnormalities and fixing them before they become a big hassle or recording events in history and making sure they go ahead without no one knowing of her.

Nytmaer original goal is completely unknown when it come to the tournament, but rumours are starting to arise that Nytmaer may have made a deal with the evil force behind the tournament.

Strengths: Elementalist/ alchemist, inhumane and raptor vision, hearing and smell. Flight capabilities, scales protect her from blunt attacks, high healing ability and hard to kill, focus, and strong mental block that she keeps around her mind.

Weaknesses: She's tall, easily to piss off, she has a fear of anything that is squishy and movable (especially maggots) Her tail get stuck all to easily. Bright light or any light attacks, slightly insane and stubborn (insanity can be questionable at times). Can exhused herself from using too much of her powers. Huge wingspan can be a pain. Can not dream (meaning she can not distiguish the dream world from the real world) Necromancy powers have a high demand, carnivorous and can not regenerate lost limbs. Stubborn and tend to be snappy at things.

Items and weapons: Main weapons in her claws, teeth, elemental powers and her ability to summon either an hailberd/ spear or dual elbow blades similar to what is seen in the Bloodrayne movie ( [link] ) but bigger and more fancy. Light armour will don with her original chocker and bands. Ocasionally she will have her wings out, which makes her look bigger, though she usually keeps them hidden. She is amazing at close range fighting, her biggest and few advantages is her claws, tail and teeth, but she is not the best. her ultimate and absolutely favourite weapon is her venom, she is either able to spit it as a ball or force it under high pressure by directing it to the ducts in her jaw, where she is able to breathe fire, since the venom is very reactive to any form of carbon in the air or in the body. If worse come to worse watch out for her bite, the large venom teeth at the back of her jaw can inject poison on command, and it will literally burn you from the inside out.

Theme songs:

Escape - Eyes Set To Kill (I sugest to check out this song, it will be a brillant theme song for the Tournament)

Switchback - Celldweller

Nytmaer, Caedus (c)
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