AOTNS: Queen Titania of the Badlands Picture

These characters and such are for my story, Age of the New Sun

Titania claims control of the Badlands Hive, the largest and most powerful of the four main changeling hives in Equestria. She is a strong and stoic leader, known for being strict but fair. Her changelings adore her and she repays their loyalty with her undying commitment to the goal of keeping them all fed, sometimes even venturing out "love harvesting" herself, leaving her son, Chrysos, in charge instead. The royal symbol she wears is called "Blackfang Crown" and is made of the blades carried by creatures called Nightspawn that Titania drove from her lands in her early years as Queen.

The Badlands Hive is made of a combination of ancient, worn stone formations and huge, towering pillars of polished sand and stone made much in the same way as termite mounds. The cliffs surrounding the main village are covered in small, bulbous hive structures filled mostly with nurseries and housing.

Badlands changelings are generally well rounded in the ways of strength, magic and flight. Their shells are hard, but light and the dark colours help them whilst infiltrating pony society.

The Badlands Hive's primary method of feeding is subtle infiltration. They feed on any kind of love or affection. The most common tactic is that pony is replaced for a short amount of time whilst loved ones are fed upon. The Changeling then feigns an accident and temporary memory loss, allowing for the real pony to be swapped back in whilst the Changeling makes his or her way back home. A less common and more time intensive tactic is for a Changeling to set up a long-term base in a populated location. Combining attributes of several forms, the Changeling creates him or herself an original body and proceeds to acquire love through natural friendships and other attachments. Direct harm to a victim is strictly forbidden and can result in banishment.

First attempted by Titania's mother, now perfected, love energy can be condensed and stored in bulk much like honey. This magic for storing the changeling's food has lead to new prosperity for them and less conflict with the outside world. Through this, it has also opened up their culture to focus less on food collection and battle, and more on other feats, like art and music.

Titania's name is a reference to Shakespeare's queen of the fairies (seeing as changelings are typically considered of the "fae" in mythology). Queen Chrysalis would be one of her ancestors.
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