Tennyomon :FINAL: Picture

The final remaining member of Amaterasumon's evolution line is now finished. I changed it slightly from the sketch version; I added the mask, which is an idea I got after scanning the sketch. It reminds of Amaterasumon, who also has a mask (and with the same markings on the ears, no less). The mini wolf head on the forehead is also reminiscent of Amaterasumon.

Tennyomon is a God Man Digimon that descended from Heaven, but is separate from angel Digimon. She has an enchanted pure white wolf pelt wrapped around her waist. It is said that the wolf Digimon that gave that pelt died a heroic death and ascended to Heaven, and gave its old pelt to Tennyomon who was the first one to greet it in Heaven, because it had evolved while ascending and abandoned its previous earthly body. Tennyomon has the power of the Sun hidden inside her, and controls bright yellow flames.

Tennyomon is based on and named after the mythological tennyo (Jap. "heavenly woman"). Tennyo are female tennin; tennin are "celestial people" who can be seen as Japanese equivalents to the western angels.

- Hitodama (from the Japanese "Hitodama", souls of the newly dead that appear as glowing fireballs): Tennyomon's signature attack. She shoots a ball of heavenly fire.
- Taiyou-no-Mai (Jap. "dance of the sun"): In an elegant display, dances and releases the power of the Sun upon the enemy.
- Ten-no-Terumichi (Jap. "shining way of heaven"): Tennyomon's finishing attack. Calls down the power of the Heavens.
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