Cassandra And Apollo Storyboard Picture

A storyboard I did in August 2010 I think.....?
Feel free to skip the long description, I really don't care

A story of Cassandra and Apollo at the temple of Delphi. Cassandra had asked Apollo for the ability to see the future and in exchange she agreed to lay with him. She receives the gift and returns to the temple to fulfill her end of the bargain.

Which is where my storyboard begins, with Apollo using light arrows to light candles to lead Cassandra to him. Cassandra tells Apollo she won't sleep with him, which....pisses him off. He curses her by sending snakes made of smoke after her. Thus, cursing her to where no one will ever believe her predictions.

I know thats not how the story actually goes but it was for school.
I liked this a year ago when I made it but now I look at it and kinda go "eeeeh"

Anyways I know it's confusing to look at soooo----

I'll try to explain the rows of panels,
Row I
Apollo is using a bow and arrow made of light to light candles.
Row II
Cassandra is inimpressed.
Also I really like focusing in one object while blurring out the background for a transition.
Cassandra is in underground caverns of Delphi where there are streams of water.
The last three panels are suppose to be her refelection in the water and its suppose to be symbolic of her.....? I don't know I was trying to be deep a year ago...
Row IV
Cassandra yells at Apollo to show himself. And Apollo appears from a statue (yes, I did steal this from Disney Hercules 8B ) and presents her a flower.
Row V
Cassandra tells Apollo she won't sleep with him. He gets upset. In the reflection of the water we're suppose to see that she's grabbing a item to hit him with. But I didn't actually want to draw Apollo getting hit so I drew a panel where the broken object falls into the water instead.
Row VI
Cassandra runs away and Apollo summons the smoke to turn into snakes to chase after her. The candle (which is suppose to represent Apollo) falling into the water (which again was suppose to represent Cassandra) is suppose to be symbolic of their failed relationship.......I think.....I was really into symbols when I was working on this.

So yeah a year ago this was easier to present because it was supposed to be presented to a group of people. Where I narrate the story. Unforetunely, I don't think it stands well on its own.

Fun Facts!
Apollo is the God of many things. Including Sun, Light and oracles.
One of the (many) symbols of Apollo is a bow and arrow.

The Temple of Delphi was a water temple where Apollo first appeared as a dolphin.

In ancient Greek mythology snakes represent oracles.

One of the legends of Cassandra is that she fell asleep on Apollo's temple floor and snakes licked her ears clean so she could hear the future.
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