The Fierce Deity-- Before sealing Picture

[Long, detailed headcanon explanation here]
[But the basic idea is that the Fierce Deity from Majora's Mask, and the mask itself [both Majora and Fierce Deity] come from Lorule firstly. They were the gods of its triforce-- The deity being the god of Balance and the counterpart to Farore. His name is Anselin.]
[He was a god of balance between his then siblings Majora and Nazili-- the deity of [Chaos] and the Deity of Order. When he and his siblings passed on, they were simply spirits for the time being, their triforce keeping them connected to the world they had created. It began to fall into obscurity and the land of Lorule fell to ruin and darkness, tended to by minor deities of the earth and wind. Eventually, as time passed, the new gods were reborn-- first the Goddess of Time, Nazili, then the god of the moon, the Fierce Deity, and finally, the god of the sun, Majora. Because their new mythology does not include the triforce, as they did not recreate the world as they had previously, the sacred realm where the triforce exists remains unknown to both its people and to the new gods-- though as they age, they may regain their memory of previous lives, as the goddess of Time can see all of time.]
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