Put me on the ground, Mars. Picture

((Okay, I swear that I'll get the asks done this week. But I've just had some inspiration for pairings and I had to draw it while I had it. I'm sorry if it looks a bit weird, I tend to have a very hard grip on my pencil when I'm drawing omg I didn't even color it or trace it with a pen because some of my drawings look bad after that and I was afraid it would look like shit.

I really like Mars x Venus. I'm crazy for greek mythology and they are a couple in it, so I just had to >w<

Mars' hair was a bitch to make and I still don't like it .n. I don't like V-chan's expression at all, but oh well

Oh and sorry about my scanner, it cropped part of Phobo's speech bubble. And sorry about my messy handwriting lol


Venus: Put me on the ground, Mars.
Mars: Sorry, I can't do that, V-chan <3
Phobos: I don't care about what you say. I'm still become a ring around you and we'll be together FOREVER!

I might do some more pairings later xD ))
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