My Mythical Gods 1 Picture

This is part of my college project which I decided to show you guys. 'Cause I like you a lot. XP

This is sketchbook material of my own versions of mythological gods. They were inspired by existing tales of mythical gods like Greek Gods, Nordic Gods, Japanese Gods, etc.

Neül, Goddess of the Rain ~ A mild-mannered, gentle little thing who adores the human's creative prowess and society. Her job of course is to let it rain in areas that need water. However, she's not in good terms with the God of the Desert since he doesn't like her rain powers all over his desolate deserts.

Neül had been cursed by the Devils of the Earth when she was a baby to have monstrous eyes. And when someone looks at them, she will uncontrollably bawl into so many tears, that she'll flood the Earth. The curse cannot be cured, however Neül's cloud-like hair fortunately covers most of her face, especially her eyes, so she does not have to worry about people staring into them.

She often carries around a Golden Sieve that she uses to spread the rain from the heavens into various places.

Aubade, God of the Sun ~ A righteous, cheerful man who's often over-excitable and loves to enjoy himself. He says "That's what my rays will do to you!"

His hands are made of molten coal and ash, allowing him to move the Sun whenever and however he wants. Of course, as wild as he is, he does stick to the rules and keeps the Sun on its natural course.

His armour is made of pure diamonds, allowing him to reflect the Sun's rays onto to Earth when he floats in front of it to create beautiful sunshine in various areas. He is secretly smitten with Neül.

Oblivienne, Goddess of Death ~ Worked with the God of Life to create the Earth and its inhabitants. As expected she is in charge of the souls that have rested. She is demented and completely self-absorbed, but at the every least, she's not evil. ...Not entirely.

Oblivienne always likes to get her way, and in some instances often has to do the work herself in order to get the job done. Her hobbies does include watching people die, and, in a little game, she counts the many, many, many ways people can possibly die. Sometimes she has fun with it, and deliberately kills someone on purpose in her own way just for fun. She does know however not to kill too many people, especially innocent people, otherwise, the Balance of Life will be tilted dramatically.

Another strange, yet morbid hobby of hers includes dressing herself in the skin of deceased animals, including their bones and teeth. She considers it a fashionable trend, and like her death hobby, she exploits it as much as she can without hindering the Balance of Life to see what disgusting dresses she can make. As you can see, one of her favourite outfits is a torsos skinned from many wild cats, decorated with ram bones with its skull used as its hat.

Neül, Aubade, & Oblivienne © *The-Quill-Warrior
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