Seth vs Apep Picture

One of the things I don’t like doing while I’m doing digital art is that I would start doing it but I have no idea how to finish it and leave it half-ass done...

But I was working on a drawing based on an Egyptian myth about Seth and Apep. Believe or not, Seth wasn’t considered an evil god. Most of the time he would use he strength to protect the Sun God Ra from Apep, the Chaos snake. The only bad thing he has done was killing his brother Osiris and fighting his nephew Horus for the right rule both Upper and Lower Egypt. Eventually Horus won and after both Upper & Lower Egypt were unified, those who worshipped Horus labelled Seth as a cruel and evil god.

So basically, Seth is part of the “I’m Not Really Evil Gods” group along with Hades (From Greek Mythology) and Loki (From Norse Mythology).

But here is my attempt at a digital painting of Seth getting ready to fight Apep.

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