Independent Investigation 1: WIP Picture

Another project that I have been working on.
(I'm juggling art classes. 8'D )

This is for my IB Art class.
We started our independent investigation work
My subject is "Mythical creatures and gods".

So my first is about the Japanese god of the wind: the Fujin.

The Fujin is one of the eldest Shinto Gods. He was present at the creation of the world and when he let the winds out of his bag, they cleared the morning mists and filled the space between heaven and earth so the sun shone. He is portrayed as a terrifying dark demon wearing a leopard skin and carries a large bag of winds on his shoulders
~information obtained from:

I wasnt liking the one horned demon appearance that I found so I personified the demon a bit more.
Replacing the leopard pelt with a wild cat-like mask and a different attire.

Hopefully I'll finish this soon

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