WIP - 2016 Senshi Pile Picture

In December 2014 I started an image of all my then current Senshi. I never actually finished it, but I posted the flat color version of it in March of last year.

This year I'm doing little chibi versions of my Senshi, and this is the work-in-progress version in case I get so frustrated with this one that I don't finish it either. So far I haven't had that problem, but I'm also missing nine Senshi from this (the Sin forms of the Seven Deadly Senshi, plus Star Spinner and Star Breaker's current forms), and haven't tried putting any color to them

Top Row: Anapiel, Jibriel, Azazel, Saika, Circe, Neith, Star Weaver, Jokikyuu, Star Breaker, and Star Spinner.
Middle Row: Benitoite Glacier Bear, Messier 87*, Stellar Enif, 2004XR190 Ammut, Canes Venatici, H1N1, Terror, Garnet, Topaz, Peridot, and Kyanite.
Bottom Row: Prometheus, Astraeus, Titana, Prospero, Sun, Miranda, Nereid, Coeus, Crius, Hyperion, and Iepatus.

*M87 is not technically a Senshi anymore, but she started out as one and dammit I like her outfit

fun fact: all but the Heavenly Senshi have alternative names from Greek mythology (if they did not start with one, that is) because I am a dork
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