PMCC: Bulgae Picture

Punk ain't dead and I ain't dead. Apologies for having been inactive, other things have been distracting me quite a bit.

Now, you may be asking "Hey wait a minute, didn't you already finish all the Solar Guardians, who's this guy!?" well allow me to explain.

I wanted to have something along the lines of optional partners, so I was thinking "Well optional partners are all fine and dandy but why not optional GUARDIANS!?". Thus I've been experimenting with the idea, resulting in the first of the two, Bulgae.

As for his tattle, it would go down something like.
That's Bulgae, the guardian of the Solar Eclipse. He...doesn't have a lot of info, as most of his records were lo--"
Alright if you're gonna be so nosy, lemme elaborate for ya from the main dog himself. I used to be one of the main guardians, but I was kicked out for being quote on quote too reckless for stealin' some sun magic energy or whatever. Though some people will tell you I bit the head honcho of the solar guardians or something. I dunno. So I only come out....ehhh whenever I feel like it, which isn't much."

(Yes, he interrupts his own Tattle. He's kind of a snarky fellow).

As for more elaboration, you'd find him post-game during the daytime, needing a special key or something to find a hidden door. Of course, he isn't one to go down without a fight, so before he will join you, you're gonna have to fight him. Personality, he's extremely snarky, if not a little bitter and a little lazy. He only really only ever pokes out when he feels like it, during the rare instances of a Solar Eclipse.

He's based on the celestial dogs of the same name from Korean mythology, being one of many ways explaining how eclipses happen, either by simply stealing a bit of Sunlight or Moonlight, or straight up taking bits out of the Sun and Moon. Here, he's just of the Solar Eclipse as opposed to both kinds. Of course, his remarks as to why he was banished ties back into the mythological roots he's based on. Design wise, I went for a spitz-like dog since a subspecies of Spitz shares it's name with the mythological dog, and sort of a fiery motif, complete with eyes meant to resemble the solar eclipse.
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