gnowee Picture

hello everyone. today i share with you my art finals from semester one.
for my art assignment finals, i chose to do art work of ancient civilaisations' deities.
i chose to do one god and one goddess

this was the goddess i chose, Gnowee
gnowee is teh aboriginal australian goddess of the sun
the story goes that gnowee lived in teh dreamtime when everything was dark.
one day she went digging for yams and went too far away from her son.
so she lit a torch trying to find her lost son, the torch ended up being the sun, which she carries with her
you can have a look at the story here: wiki page

this drawing was lots of fun to make. i tried to interprite her as best as i could
i chose to do gnowee because when i was looking for inspirtaion, i though
"how about something related to australia" and i found the story of gnowee
it's such an intersting concept and the fact that family is a key element in aboriginal mythology.

the drawing is mine
gnowee is not my oc, she is a mythical character from aboriginal australian mythology.
see the god i drew for this art project here
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