59. Thoth Picture

Thoth: Egyptian God of Wisdom, Writing, and Magic

100 Gods and Goddesses Challenge

One more before bed. :3

Here is Thoth! He's totally awesome!
One of the coolest things about Thoth is that he has the hardest job in the Pantheon. Ra creates stuff, Set blows stuff up, but Thoth has to be the mediator between order and chaos to make sure there's not too much of either! In any given battle between gods that represent these opposing forces, Thoth will even heal whoever is losing!
This is part of the reason he is connected with the moon. Ra takes the sun through the underworld each night, so in order to fight the darkness Thoth maintains the phases of the moon. Neat, eh?

Here is Thoth doing another of his important jobs: recording the deeds of a person's entire life as their heart is being judged against the feather of truth.
...Did I mention Thoth is married to justice?

I just wrote random hieroglyphics off the top of my head, I wasn't trying to spell anything. XD;

Good night! :3
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