Cosmic Lamp Picture

I read a book recently called life of pie where what I picked up as the main point was that it doesn't matter if something is the truth or not, only which is the better story if it doesn't change the facts. The author gave an example in one of the first chapters of a man whom upon dying cries that the light he sees is the breaking down of his neurons or whatever. He speaks of another man in the same situation that cries "GOD".

and then i saw this lamp post in the garden. I've been staring at it for days. I kind of thought it was similar to that example in the book. So yeah, both the lamp and the "sky" are sources of light (YES i know its the sun) and the cold facts are that there is light... but which is the better story? The dark impersonal lamp or the purple golden life of the sky?

It's kind of a choice you have to make on your own, cause sometimes lies are more beautiful than the truth... and sometimes the truth is more beautiful than the lie... sometimes its better to believe in a story, in the idea that that sky is more than just a mechanical working of physics and chemistry... Personally I like to believe that the sky isn't a cosmic lamp even if the truth is that it is.

What do you prefer?
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