Primordial Deities: Gaia Picture

My fifth image for my Greek Mythology Challenge Chapter i.

Born of Chaos, she gave birth to Pontus, the sea, and Uranus the sky. Then she married Uranus and became the unfortunate mother of the huge Titans, the Cyclopes and the Hecatonchires.

Her husband was shocked at the nature of their offspring, so she hid them all inside herself to protect them. Which was terribly uncomfortable for all concerned. Luckily her youngest, Crounus, came to the rescue armed with a large cutting tool.

But all that's behind her now. She became best friends with Hera, giving her the Golden Apples of Immortality as a wedding present, and always gathered the utmost respect. As fertile as they come, her offspring also includes Acheron, the God of Rivers, Python, and more.

Nowadays, Gaia is a Big Mother in the New Age world. Symbolising all that's good with feminimity, nature, fertility and spirit, she's extremely popular with Pagans, Witches and all Earthy types.

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