Queen Mother of the West Picture

Xi Wangmu. Basically she is one of the most promienent goddesses in the native Chinese pantheon, and although she is often associated with the Taoist religion, her cult actually predates Taoism by a great deal. People were worshipping her as early as the Shang dynasty and recorded their offerings to her on oracle bones, so she has pretty much been a part of Chinese mythology since the beginning.

It is generally known that Xi Wangmu resides on Mt. Kunlun, situated somewhere in the western parts of China. She is usually associated with elixirs/fruits of immortality. Legend has it that whoever eats those special elixirs of hers will immediately become a god/goddess; Chang'e ate one of her pills and flew to the moon, while Sun Wukong gobbled up an enormous amount of her Heavenly Peaches, much to her dismay. She is often depicted as a regal, queenly goddess who commands the respect of various other immortals, and especially in Journey to the West where she is actually the primary consort of the Jade Emperor himself. In SF2, however, she is much more humble and her special relationship with Mu Wang is highlighted instead.

As it is with all of the unique SF2 cast, Xi Wangmu comes with a very peculiar weapon: a magical crystal orb. I'm not sure if it has divination properties or not, but it has a powerful offensive function, shooting lasers to destroy enemies. Which is kinda like old-school Zhuge Liang. Imagine being able to play as her and go SHOOP DA WHOOP all over the place.
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