5th Anniversary on DeviantART Picture

It's been almost 5 years since I signed up for DA on August 11th.

I found that the community, sheer content of art from other users, & the fact this site has been around for about 15 years , I made my decision to set up right here. For the first few months or so I never made much of an effort on getting myself out there to show what I can do, but from more experienced users I've learned that I need to put more into my time here to get out of it, so I did. And I'll never regret this, for I can say I've met many wonderful people who are blessed with all kinds of artistic talent. And the feedback I've received over the past year encourage me to do better & continuously build more structures & to display them here, each, as you all know, will come with a detailed description coming from my own research & knowledge. I've decided to share with you what you might see over the course of next year.

So to summarize I want to say a huge thank you to everyone here for the support & commendations, every fave, share & comment is always appreciated, & it's really encouraging! I look forward to sharing another year with you & I guarantee to have all my latest projects here for all to enjoy!

This picture is a tribute to how I used to draw my character Apollo the Wolf back in August of 2010.

Also, 5 years ago, I used to draw Apollo in a sonic style when first joined Devianart in August 2010. mugenplanetx.deviantart.com/ar… I was inspired by tails the fox when I first made him in 2008.

Thank you for the all your support, I love you all.
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