Persephones Picture

Ok, i've got a project ; as nobody knows, i'm very fond of greek mythology and especially of the Persephone's myth.
Alas, most of the people who know very little about Persephone imagine her as the terrific queen of the underworld, and that's the way she's become the favorite character of those stupid gothic teens.

But, Persephone isn't really that ; her story is that she's the daughter of the god and goddess Zeus and Demeter, a beautiful young girl (her second name "Korê" means "young woman"), very close to the nature. Wandering in some field, she finds a beautiful narcissus, but at the moment she picks it, the ground collapses, and Hades, her uncle appears and kidnaps her.
Demeter (her mother) does not know where her daughter's gone, and goes on a long trip to find her. Helios, the sun, feeling pity for her, tells her that it is Hades who took Persephone away - with Zeus' complicity . Getting furious, Demeter refuses to make the earth fertile again - and that's her job. So there is nothing growing in the fields anymore and everyone starves. Zeus getting upset, asks to his brother (Hades, u follow?) to give Persephone back to her mother ; Hades refuses, because he made the girl eat a grenada grain and that anyone who eats something in the underworld must stay forever there. So they find an arrangement ; Persephone would stay half the year with her mother (period we call spring and summer, when Demeter is happy and does her job) and the another half with her new husband Hades (autumn and winter, when Persephone is dispressed).
So according to the myth, in my own opinion, i think that Persephone is more a goddess of nature, life and spring than the terrifying goddess of Death.

Still, i wanted to make a comic of this ; in this comic, Persephone would feel really well in the Underworld, as she would give orders to anyone and being obeyed ; onthe other hand, she wouldn't going home with her mother 'cause Demeter would still see her like a baby, and dress her with pink flowers and all the girlish stuff Persephone would hate. I plan on drawing few pages which would use some very known myths, i've got some good ideas already.
Well, see ya! ^^
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