Project playing cards. ace of spades. Sleipner. Picture

Last year I started a project based on my beliefs. I'm an Asetru, meaning I believe in the old Norse Mythology of my ancestors, the vikings. I wanted to create a set of playing cards based on this belief.
Sleipner is Odin's black stallion. Sleipner has eight legs and can run fast like the wind and move equally well in the air as on the ground.
The legend of Sleipner's birth is as follow:
The gods of Asgard wanted a wall around all of Asgard. A jotunn came to them and claimed he could build a wall in a year. The gods were eager and asked for his price. He wanted the sun, the moon and the goddess Freya. The gods were hesitant but agreed since they didn't believe he could do it in a year.
The jotunn came to the building area, bringing a powerful jotunn stallion named Svadilfare. Thanks to this horse the jotunn indeed constructed a wall in the promised time. There were one day left of the year and only a few stones were needed to finish the wall. The gods got scared because they couldn't do without the sun, moon and Freya. They turned to Loki for help and with the help of a mare skin he transformed into a mare in heat to entice the stallion away from work. It succeeded at the last minute to lure Svadilfare into the woods and the jotunn could not finish the wall, therefore he would not get his payment. Svadilfare was never seen again.
Loki stayed away for a long time and when he returned he had the foal Sleipner with him which he gave to Odin.
From time to time in the legends Freya will tease Loki by asking him why the mare skin has a bigger belly after Loki borrowed it though he'll never answer.

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