Titanic Mythology Sketches 4 Picture

Some sketches for future changes in some drawings for the Titanic Mythology (Here is the link >> [link] <<) Part 4

1 - Sól/Sunna (Asgardian of the Sun)
2 - Heimdall (Protector of Asgard and Asgardian of Strategy)
3 - Máni (Asgardian of the Moon)
4 - Njord (Asgardian of the Seas, Winds and Wealth)
5 - Sága (Asgardian of Wisdom and Truth)
6 - Idunn (Asgardian of Arts and Youth and protector of the Golden Forest, Glasir)
7 - Skadhi (Asgardian of the Winter and Hunt)
8 - Frigga (Asgardian of Motherhood and Marriage)
9 - Freyr (Asgardian of Nature and Fertility)
10 - Hel (Asgardian of the Death and Queen of Helheim, the Kingdom of the Dead)
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